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Example Idea

Mystery Voice


A classic radio contest proven to increase time spent listening and attract sponsors

Target Market:

All Adults



Listeners have to identify the voice of a celebrity in a game played every hour across the station.


Choose an excerpt from a celebrity interview. It can be one word or a short phrase. Sometimes stations choose three celebrities all saying the same word, e.g. Magic FM in London choose three stars saying the word "Magic".

Listeners are asked to pre-register to play with one being selected each hour from 7am to 6pm to come on air and try and identify the Mystery Voice in return for the prize of a cash jackpot.

Every time there is a wrong guess, the cash jackpot increases. All the incorrect guesses are published on the station website to drive online traffic.

As the cash prize grows, so does the notoriety of the contest. This competition played a big part in propelling Magic 105.4 FM to the number one station in London.

There is a variation called Missing Word where the excerpt from a celebrity interview contains a word which is 'masked'. usually by a whisper jingle with the station's name. Instead of guessing the name of the star, listeners have to guess the missing word. Another variation on this, especially for younger stations, is that the word is masked by a burp, and the contest is called The Breakfast Burp!


A simple yet highly effective contest which is fun to play on air, creates great talkability and is attractive to sponsors. People can call, participate online or simply play along as they listen.

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